I'm thinking about coming along but What will it be like?

Sunday Service

At all our events and gatherings we have free refreshments available.  Before and after our Sunday gatherings you will find a table with someone serving tea, coffee, juices and snacks.  The service will start with 3-4 songs, don't worry, if you don't know the words - they'll come up on the big screen.  Feel free to sing, sit, stand, dance, pray or watch.  After the songs we will let you know about any news and events that are coming up.  We will have a welcome area where you will be able to find out more information about anything we speak about during the service.  You can also pick up a free bible here.  After the news and events we will listen to a talk which will last around 20-25 minutes.  You can listen to the talks from our first meetings where Ruth and Nathan (our Lead Pastors) set out the vision for the new community.  You can think about this as the direction we are headed.  These talks can be found here.

In our talks and meetings we try to use everyday language and explain the bible passages we are looking at.  The majority of our talks will in some way be focused on the person of Jesus looking at his life, death, and resurrection.


Didn't you used to meet on a Thursday night?  Why have you changed?

We are a church plant, so are just starting out, we have no building or staff so we try to keep things simple and adapt when the size of our community increases or when we feel God prompt us to change.  The reason we are started on a Thursday night is that at the stage and size of church we couldn't run and maintain a Kids church that honours our value that kids are as important as adults.  We didn't want to do church as adults and hope the kids are quiet at the back.  As we have grown in numbers as a community we want our children of all ages to be able to access worship, the bible, craft, games and prayer in an environment that is safe and welcoming.  

Why don't you have a service every week?

Running a church service takes a lot of resources and organisation and when you are a small church plant you have to think about what are the priorities.  In this stage of church we are focused on deepening relationships through our small groups that meet mid-week and meeting as many people as possible.  


Do I need to be a "Christian" or believe in Jesus to come along?

The simple answer is no.  

We hope that we use language anyone can understand - and talk about issues that are relevant to your life.  We hope, that over time, you will see the truth and hope we find in who Jesus is and what He has done.  But feel free just to come along, drink coffee, eat doughnuts and meet some people who believe that Jesus has completely changed their life.  

If I come am I going to be asked to give money?

No.  Although the church is completely funded and supported by financial gifts generously given by the community that call this church their home, there is no pressure and no request that you should give financially.  We may take a collection during the service but we will specifically say that there is no need to give if this isn't your home church.  


If you are a church - why are you called a vineyard?

It is a bit weird isn't it!  We are a Christian church and if you want to read our statement of faith you can here.  It may help you to understand that the Vineyard is actually a movement of churches with over 2400 around the world sharing core values that you can read about here.  The picture of a vineyard to describe a church or a community of people following Jesus comes from the bible.  In Isaiah 27:2-3 and in John 15:1-8 you can read about the connection between Father, Son, Holy Spirit and us as disciples or followers of Jesus.  


I'm driving - is there somewhere close I can park?

The nearest public car park is one hundred metres away, across the museum square (a level, but cobbled surface). The car park has a number of designated accessible parking spaces.  There is off-street pay & display car parking in the Maritime car park (max 4 hours controlled by Automatic Number Plate Recognition) or alongside in Grove Place car park (max 3 hours) providing over 400 short term spaces within 150m of the Museum. The Dell car park, near the railway station, offers long-term parking and is about 200 metres away. All these car parks have accessible spaces.

For Sat Nav use the post code TR11 3QY.

I'd like to catch a train to church - is that possible?

Yes!  (But if you are coming from Penryn you'll need to get up early as the first train is at 09:23am!)  The museum is a five minute walk from Falmouth Town (The Dell) Station.