What a difference a year makes!

May 2019 Update!

Falmouth VIneyard Small Groups

We can’t believe it has been a year since we started meeting on a Thursday night at the URC. What a year! It is so exciting to see all that God is doing in our community. There has been such a sense of God’s presence in our meetings over the last month as we have been teaching on the Kingdom of God. In our Small Groups as well it’s been great to see the gifts of the Spirit being exercised as we have pushed into the book - “Naturally Supernatural” from Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft.

We have also been meeting people who are searching for God. Falmouth Vineyard was planted with the vision to see people in Cornwall come to life in Jesus and we have been seeing people coming along who are seeking God for the first time and those re-discovering a sleeping faith.

Our simple prayer for this season is MORE! More life, more power, more breakthrough, more vision, more faith, more holiness and more of Jesus in all of us. Join us in interceding for our County at our Pray Meetings, every Tuesday Morning in term time in Perranwell and Falmouth - message for details.

Getting Involved…

If you have recently made Falmouth Vineyard your home we would love to invite you to get involved in the life of the church. We don’t have formal church membership - instead we invite our church family to invest themselves in the life of the church in 4 ways:

Invest in Community

We would love you to join a small group where you can get to know people and people can get to know you. The life following Jesus is meant to be done as part of community and we grow and learn together and because of each other. Pastoral Care and disciplship happens in small groups and it’s also where we train, equip and identify future leaders. Sign Up for a small group below:

Invest in a Team

An other way to invest in the life of the church is to get involved in the running of our Sunday Services, mid-week events, kids and youth ministries. We believe everyone has gifts, talents and skills that God wants to use to equip the church to fulfil is mission in extending the Kingdom of God. A great way to start getting involved is complete the Connect Form - this allows us to identify where you can get involved initially. We hope that everyone can serve on a team once a month.

Invest Financially

Part of discipleship is allowing God to be Lord of our finances. In the Old Testament the bible teaches about the concept of tithing - giving the Lord the first 10% of our financial income. We believe this offering should be used to finance the day-to-day running of the church - the venue, staffing and ministry costs. We are a church that is committed to financial accountability and openess so you can request a financial report at anytime and we will account for every penny that has been given. Through ChurchSuite you can also monitor your giving and manage any gift aid declarations. For more information on how to give - check out falmouthvineyard.rg/give

Invest by Inviting

One of our key values as a church is to be extravagently welcoming to everyone that our community comes into contact with. We want to create safe spaces where people can explore who Jesus is and why He is so important. So we want to be a community that is always organising events where we can invite friends along. Part of investing in the community is invitation. Have a think about who God is laying on your heart to invite along to a Sunday Gathering or one of our events.

Coming Up in the next Month or so…

Falmouth Vineyard ChurchSuite Login

Falmouth Vineyard uses a great Church management app called ChurchSuite.  Through MyChurchSuite, you are able to update and manage your details, sign-up for events, join groups, keep on top of the rotas you’re serving on and much more!  To log into MyChurchSuite, click the 'MyChurchSuite Login' button below below - if you haven’t had an invitation to MyChurchSuite - email hello@falmouthvineyard.org:

Nathan Gilbert